There are many ways we can help add value to your REIA

Here are two of the easiest.

FREE monthly content for your subscribers.

You can subscribe to our free content service, and we’ll send you an article and a video to share with your members. These are automatically sent to you on the 25th of every month, and you can use them in printed or online member resources.

Hot Topic Specific Training

Lou will host anything from a one-hour to a full-day training for your members.
This can be done in person or broadcast virtually.
We will put on a fantastic event for you. One that benefits BOTH your group’s learning and your group’s revenue.
After hundreds of presentations, we have learned what works… and what does not. Indeed, what we do may differ from what you have done in the past.
We want to share with you in advance so that we can have the best possible event together.

Revenue For You

We have very generous revenue sharing opportunities. We have many options, let’s talk!