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Mission in Life

Hi! It’s Lou Brown. And I have been providing to you a number of different videos about kind of like bits and pieces of tips and trade secrets that I’ve discovered over 40 years of being in this business of buying, holding and selling property. And I hope it’s been a benefit to you. And one of the things, and this is kind of a bonus, but to have a successful business, it’s a great idea to have a mission. What is your mission in life? Is it just to make money for yourself and your family? Or would you like to make a difference to help others?

And along the way in my business, I will tell you there was an evolution when I started to see how I, I was making an impact in other people’s lives. Not just by land lording and providing them a place to live. But beyond that. Giving them a future. Giving them an insight into what was possible. Helping them. Supporting them. Providing resources to them to help them end up with home ownership. What a difference that made when I realized that I was actually impacting them and their families. And generations to come. When those children have children and they see that their parents strived for a better life than the one they had. And I call it doing good while doing well. And in fact, I wrote a book. It’s called “Doing Good While Doing Well”. You can get this on my website. Or you can get it at It’s a bestseller.

And what I discovered is not only could I do it, but I could show other people how to build a business doing exactly the same thing that I was doing in my local community. Becoming a community certified affordable housing provider.

What a difference. And the sub headline is “How real estate investors provide a service and make a difference”. So think and consider making a difference in your community. In other people’s lives. And having your business impact the future. Having your business impact people’s lives. So we created a mission. And I invite all of my licensees who purchased any part of our system to adopt this mission. And our mission is to transform lives through affordable housing. To empower families and individuals. To enjoy the American dream of home ownership. And you might as well take American out there and put Canadian dream, New Zealand dream or any part of the world, right? That anyone who’s striving for a better life than the one they’ve got is typically geared towards home ownership. And that is exactly who you become when you get into our world. You become not only an affordable housing provider, but a certified affordable housing provider.

I invite you to learn more about who we are and what we do. Check us out at and I would love for you to join us at one of our discovery events to discover more about whether we can impact your life and your family’s life. Build an amazing business that impacts other people’s lives as well. That’s my mission. Yeah, baby!

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