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Use a Credibility Kit

Hi! It’s Lou Brown. I’m back with another of my 101 cash flow accelerators. And this one is about having a credibility kit for buyers.To explain to buyers, who you are. What you do. How you operate. How you can help. How you’re different than traditional landlords. How you help people end up with home ownership. And some of the services that you provide as an affordable housing provider. And that’s different than landlords, isn’t it?

It’s, you are giving people the opportunity someday to end up with home ownership. Whether it’s the property that they’re in, or a different property. You’re bringing some services to the table to help them with that. We teach you all of that and becoming a Certified Affordable Housing Provider. And one of the things that’s definitely a great tool is the Buyer Presentation Kit. It’s a really great thing and it goes through the entire process so that people can understand the importance of how you are making a difference in their life. Credibility is key in having a successful business and we have got you covered.

Yeah, baby! It’s a good thing. I will see you soon.

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